flintlock pistol with case

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Added on: April 11, 2023
Sold By Brewer, John R.

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Product Description

Kentucky pistol. Curly maple stock, 8 1/2″ quality Belgian barrel which had not had touch hole drilled when i bought it, L&R Manton lock, 40 caliber and appears to be 1 turn in 24″. The stock was made from a damaged long rifle stock that was broken in transit. I had to add about a 3/8″ strip of matching curly maple on the forestock upper area along the barrel. It is difficult to see and covered mainly with silver wire inlay. Also silver wire inlay in the butt of the pistol. The picture only shows one side but the other side is similar. I can send more photos. The case is curly maple with silver wire and floral inlays as shown. The inlay on the top of the case is General Putnam, hero of the Revolutionary war and mover in the Northwest territory settlement. His rifle and horn silver inlay is on the lid of the compartment inside the case.

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