Flintlock Pistol

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Added on: June 15, 2019
Sold By Philip Hogan

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Product Description

Cased 18th Century English Flintlock Pistol Made by P.M. Hogan
Chambers Flintlocks Queen Anne Flintlock
Green Mountain 50 Caliber Rifled Barrel with stainless steel touch hole liner
Grade 5 Curly Maple Stock with over 20 coats of hand rubbed boiled linseed oil finish
Steel buttcap with starburst design
Front sight is a German silver blade set in a brass dovetailed base
Rear sight is cast steel semi-buckhorn with notch filed for a nice sight picture
All steel parts finished in French Gray
Brass trigger guard with pineapple finial
Forward ramrod pipe and entry pipe are brass octagon to round
5/16 hickory ramrod with threaded brass tip
Steel trigger pinned high for very nice, smooth trigger release.
Lathe turned and polished solid brass 7 ounce flint knapping tool
Loading rod with threaded brass tip
50 caliber brass jag
brass powder measure
Copper and brass pocket flask with turned maple stopper

The pistol is being sold as used. It was fired with 5 sets of five .490 Hornady round balls to make adjustments for perfect ignition and sight regulation. The touch hole liner that came with an .055” hole was opened up 7 thousandths to .062” The lock pan was adjusted and polished to place the touchhole at the proper sunset position, not at the bottom of the pan which causes a delay when fired. With 35 grains of 3F Goex powder and 3F for priming, ignition was perfect and instantaneous for the last 10 of the 25 shots fired.

Instructions for proper use of the flint knapping rod available at my e-mail,

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