French Dragoon / Trade Pistol By Thom Frazier


Added on: August 18, 2019
Sold By Thom Frazier

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Product Description

This pistol has a 62 cal. (20ga) 12″ octagon to round barrel. The lock is a L&R Classic, which is the closest production lock to the original French Lock.
The stock is american walnut. The ramrod is tapered to 5/16″ and it has a 5/16″ X 32 white lightning touch hole liner. The barrel and lock are finished in French Grey. Highly decorated examples of this style were prized by French and English officers in the 1700’s.
This reproduction more closely resembles the common Dragoon which was very similar to the French trade pistol of the time.
Price includes shipping and insurance.

Thom Frazier has built rifles, fowlers and pistols since 1978 for reinactors and hunters of the 1750-1850 period.
With a focus on quality parts, and period correct styles he has maintained the highest level of value in colonial American firearms.
Thom will build your flint lock to your specifications, and has rifles, fowlesr and pistols per built for shipment
Rifles, and fouler are in the $2,000 price range and pistols are in the $1,500 price range plus shipping and insurance.
Thom is a founding member of the American Long Rifle Association (# 13) and an active member of American Mountain Men (#1888).
Contact Thom at or 218-385-2074