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Antique 18th Century Horn (Price Reduced)


Added on: January 27, 2023

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Product Description

The photos are not the best, but this horn is inscribed with the following: William Staats … His Horn made 1779 … Lancaster Melitia (yes, that’s how he spelled it). Also has a village scene noted as Lancaster, a folk-art duck, heart/flowers and a cannon with a drum and flags. There is some insect damage, which not unusual, and an 19th Century brass button on what was likely a replaced butt at the same time. Note the unique panels for a front strap. These panels have “W.W.S.” and “1779” scribed o them. My limited research found 2 William Staats’ born in 1754 and 1765, either of which could have been the horn’s creator. It was very likely carried in the Revolutionary War or, at the very least, made during the war. This horn would make a great addition to any collector’s display. Asking $1975.00 (OBO), including shipping to lower 48. Email me with any questions. thank you so much for looking.

Please Contact Artisan Directly for Purchasing Information:

Larry Harmer