Powder Horn


Added on: August 22, 2020
Sold By Ron Turner

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Product Description

This horn is a close copy of an original powder horn from 1744. It was believed to be carried by someone of French origin. It is a right hand carry, although the curve is very slight. It has been lightly aged, it measures 12 1/2″ around the outside curve, and 1 3/8″ in diameter. It has a hand fitted domed plug fashioned out of pine, with a hand forged round staple for the strap. The base plug is held in with 8 hand whittled wooden pegs. The spout plug is hand whittled also out of pine. If you are interested in this horn or wish to discuss custom work, feel free to contact me. the cost of this horn includes shipping and insurance to your door.Thanks.

I live in Central Indiana, and have been building powder horns on a regular basis since the mid-90’s. Feel free to contact me for your horn needs. My e-mail:
Cell: 317-879-6615