“THE SACHEM” by Geoff Harding


Added on: January 21, 2017

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Product Description

An original oil painting by upstate new york artist, Geoffrey R. Harding. The subject is a northeast woodlands sachem or wise man. The painting is large and very impressive (36″ X 36″) in a 43″ X 43″ matted double frame.
It was the cover of MuzzleLoader Magazine in September/October 1997. åÊThe subject is Pine Tree Chief Warren Skye, Sr. (Wolf Clan) of the Tonawanda Seneca (1923 – 2013).
Also includes a copy of the 1997 Muzzleloader issue, Wennawoods Publishing Brochure and another brochure – all featuring the painting, as well as pictures of the photo shoot for the painting
Please email (goldeneye38@yahoo) or call (585) 820-6871 with any questions. åÊWill be attending the 2019 Albany, NY, Gun Show, January 25-27, 2019 and the painting will be at the show. åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ

Please Contact Artisan Directly for Purchasing Information:

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Email: goldeneye38@yahoo.com