Mid 18th Century Gentleman’s Dagger & Scabbard **SOLD**


Added on: December 1, 2019

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Product Description

**SOLD** By Ben Hoffman: 18th Century European Dagger. Daggers of this type were sought after by both Military Officers and Gentleman of the 18th century.
This one has been very closely based on an original made piece dating from 1740-1780. Featuring an 8 3/8″ hand forged and shaped blade made out of traditional 1084 steel which has been fully tempered. The full through tang has been anchored in a domed iron pommel cap. All hardware has been hand shaped out of period correct wrought iron as it would have been originally. The 4 1/2″ handle has been made of white tailed deer antler and carries extensive hand file work to match the original. The blade has been fully sharpened for cutting use.
The scabbard has be totally handcrafted out of period correct materials. The whole dagger and scabbard has been gently aged. A very fine addition for any 18th century collection! **We can do PayPal or Credit Card. $11.00 Shipping Charge**.

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