Stars Over Heart Pouch


Added on: June 28, 2022
Sold By James Kern

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Product Description

Handsewn pouch measuring 7″ x 9″. Is lined and has interior pocket. Has 1″ gusset and fully welted seams. The flap is designed with 5 stars floating above one heart and has a rolled edge. Adjustable 1.25″ wide strap with forged buckle.
$150 shipping included.

My name is Jim Kern, and I am the principal craftsman behind No Kings Leather. I began leather work about ten years ago after attending a class at Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. I have a deep interest in American History as well as a passion for handcraft and decided to combine the two into a creative outlet of making leather items patterned upon historical objects. My primary focus is Hunting Pouches, which historically were the bags that a hunter or rifleman would carry the items necessary for the supply and maintenance of their black powder rifle, shotgun or pistol. I use a variety of leather – deer, cowhide and goat, as well as different materials for lining the bags. Each bag is completed with from 3-5 different finishes applied to give them a nice, aged look. In addition to my bags, I also enjoy making baskets and leather containers, as well as other types of apparel such as mittens, moccasins and hats