A listing of known artisans (alive & deceased), compiled for research purposes.

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 Artisan Name Company Artisan Category Email:
Curtis AllinsonLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscurtis.allinson@gmail.com
Curtis AllinsonLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscurtis.allinson@gmail.com
chris altlandyork county firelocksGeneral Artworkaltlandgun@aol.com
Robert AmbrightGeneral Artworks_ambright@yahoo.com
Robert AmbrightLongrifles, pistols and fowlerss_ambright@yahoo.com
Douglas AndersonLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
Mark AndersonGeneral Artworkcla@longrifle.com
Glenn F. AndersonLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
Brian AndersonTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingsbrianderson@silversunbeam.com
Mark J. AndersonGeneral Artworkmanderson@winterthur.org
Larry AndersonHunting bags and powder hornsandersonlr@outlook.com
Larry AndersonGeneral Artworkandersonlr@outlook.com
Larry AndersonGeneral Artworkandersonlr@outlook.com
Jamey AndrewsLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
jamey andrewsGeneral Artworkjameyandcindy@bellsouth.net
George AndrixGeneral Artworkgeorge@andrix.ca
Kathleen AnspaughGeneral Artworkkkanspaugh@yahoo.com
Rick AnthonyLongrifles, pistols and fowlersrcanthon11@yahoo.com
Donald AnthonyThru the Centuries TradersTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingsthru_the_centuries_traders@yahoo.com
Larry ArcherPGIGeneral Artworkarcherl@pginw.com
John ArcherGeneral Artworkarcherphoto@shaw.ca
Clester ArmstrongGeneral Artworkdarmstrong01@windstream.net
Mike ArnoldNAGeneral Artworkarnoldmichael7631@sbcglobal.net
Ray AsberryLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
Charles M. AtkinsonTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingsamcat@scrtc.com
Eddie AtnipTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingseatnip@glasgow-ky.com
Eddie AtnipLongrifles, pistols and fowlerseatnip@glasgow-ky.com
Daniel AubihlLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
William AuldGeneral Artworkdowneastboy@gmail.com
Alan AuricchioTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingsclub_otis@yahoo.com
Bob AustinLongrifles, pistols and fowlersbob.austin2@comcast.net
James AustinGeneral Artworktalkingameoba@yahoo.com
Steve AuvenshineTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingstprsteve@juno.com
Matt AvanceLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
Larry D. AveryLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
larry averyretiredGeneral Artworkldavery@buckeye-express.com
David AyerGeneral Artworkpdpd1@comcast.net
Chris AzevedoGeneral Artworkazevedo@ozarksarsenal.com
Nick BachtelNick M. Bachtel Steel & LeatherTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingsNickbachtel28@gmail.com
Hank BaerLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
Don BaileyBaileys FlintlocksGeneral Artworkbluegrassmusicman@hotmail.com
Walter BaileyGeneral Artworkssb17250@hotmail.com
Steve BaileyThe Gauntlet RunnerGeneral Artworkthegauntletrunner1754@yahoo.com
Mike BairdGeneral ArtworkDrmbaird@aol.com
Delano BakerGeneral Artworkpegleg1432@aol.com
Michael BanzhafThunder Ridge Trading Co.General Artworkole4d@aol.com
Ben BarcoGeneral Artworkbenjbarco@msn.com
David BardGeneral Artworklonghunter@hotmail.com
Chris BarkerHunting bags and powder hornscsbarkeriii@att.net
Frank BarkerHunting bags and powder hornsfbarkerjr@yahoo.com
 Artisan Name Company Artisan Category Email: