A listing of known artisans (alive & deceased), compiled for research purposes.

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 Artisan Name Company Artisan Category Email:
Lynda CapocciGeneral Artworkcla@longrifle.com
James A. GefrohLongrifles, pistols and fowlersjgefroh@aol.com
richard kidwellGeneral Artworkkidwellrf@earthlink.net
Edgar ChattinTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingscla@longrifle.com
Ken GilpinLongrifles, pistols and fowlerssadbear@gateway.net
MALCOLM N. KNIGHTGeneral Artworkmnknightrain@aol.com
Tom CondeConde TradingWeavingcondetrading@embarqmail.com
Lance GrabowskiLanceGrabowski.comGeneral Artworklancegrabowski2191@gmail.com
Mike KurthNew Dawn Trading CompanyGeneral ArtworkLocksley@charter.net
Gary AardahlGeneral Artworkgaardahl@gmail.com
Melissa CotaThe Bead LadyGeneral Artworkstorekpr@mhtc.net
Randy GrunkemeyerRG GunsmithingLongrifles, pistols and fowlersgrunkrsj@frontier.com
Earl LanningGeneral Artworkearl1932@gmail.com
Hayden AllenGeneral Artworkohallenjr@earthlink.net
Casey CriswellJournal Of The Early AmericasGeneral Artworkeditor@journaloftheearlyamericas.com
Thomas HahnGeneral Artworksleddog732@comcast.net
Fred LehtoLongrifles, pistols and fowlersfklehto@charter.net
Larry ArcherPGIGeneral Artworkarcherl@pginw.com
Russel DahlstromDUNRUSTICHunting bags and powder hornsdunrustic@yahoo.com
John V HansonGeneral Artworkjhanson@hansonlawoffice.com
Chris AzevedoGeneral Artworkazevedo@ozarksarsenal.com
Leonard DayLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
Kevin HartHunting bags and powder hornsharts.athome@frontier.com
William BartleyBartley Anyiques LLCGeneral Artworkranger1759@yahoo.com
chris deperroGeneral Artworkchrisdeperro@yahoo.com
Stephen HealeyGeneral Artworkshealey11@gmail.com
Jeff BibbHunting bags and powder hornsjwb58@msn.com
David DolliverLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
Janice HensleyWindhil Farm & SpindleWeavingWindhil@all2easy.net
Jack BlighTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingsTnblacksmith@aol.com
O. R. Edmonds, Jr.Longrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
Mark HindelangGeneral Artworkmjhindela@sbcglobal.net
John BourkeGeneral Artworkjohnbourke50@gmail.com
gary ellis sr.legendary longbowsGeneral Artworkprimitivebowyer@aemail4u.com
John HollandGeneral Artworkjh44ny@verizon.net
JACK BRAYBIG BEAR TRADERSTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingsbigbear19446@yahoo.com
Jeff EvansThe 40 Rod Gun ShopGeneral Artworkslantbreach@earthlink.net
B.J. HowardLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
Mike BrooksLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
george feigeGeneral Artworkandyfeige@yahoo.com
David HughesHonest BrothersLongrifles, pistols and fowlersdhughes@stargate.net
Tommy BruceHock-Hocking Trading Co.General Artworksmokepole62@yahoo.com
David FitzgeraldGeneral Artworkozarksguy@hotmail.com
Wayne JenkinsLongrifles, pistols and fowlerswjenkins@foothills.net
Mark A. BurleighMBurleigh Custom Trade SilverSilverworkcustomtradesilver@gmail.com
James FosterTexas LakotaGeneral ArtworkRandy@TexasLakota.com
Arnold C. JonesGeneral Artworkconarnjo@aol.com
Michael ButcherGeneral Artworkmikebutcher68@yahoo.com
Donald R. FulkersonLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
Mike KellerLongrifles, pistols and fowlersMikekeller3@cs.com
 Artisan Name Company Artisan Category Email: