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A listing of known artisans (alive & deceased), compiled for research purposes.

Artisans interested in having their own page on the site may add or update their profile by logging into the Members Only box at the top right side of the Home Page. Listing is free to members. If you know of a deceased artist or non-member artist, please send a profile and up to 4 photographs (digital or hard copy) by email or mail to the office so that we may create a listing for that individual.

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 Artisan Name Company Artisan Category Email:
C. Milton BarringerGeneral Artworkcla@longrifle.com
Greg & Kathy LampingFlat Spot In The TrailHunting bags and powder hornsdog@lewiscounty.com
Joseph McClureScaffold Cane ForgeTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingsjcmcclure@aol.com
Joseph E. VermilyeaLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
Daniel GroningerGeneral Artworkdsgroninger@embarqmail.com
Jerry RiceGeneral Artworkjerry-pc@comcast.net
Dave OhlGeneral Artwork62longhunter@gmail.com
Vernon M. SmithHunting bags and powder hornscla@longrifle.com
Ed ParryBlack Hart Long ArmsLongrifles, pistols and fowlersed@blackhartlongarms.com
Jim SichlauGeneral Artworkjimlcpc@aol.com
Alec FourmanWeavingalec.fourman@gmail.com
Robert GrundmanLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
Nick MastersHunting bags and powder hornselsulak@flash.net
Jay MayeshGeneral Artworkjmayesh@kayescholer.com
Larry CruiseBeaver Creek Black PowderLongrifles, pistols and fowlersanitamcruise@hotmail.com
Howard E. KendallLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
gene marchesiGeneral Artworkewhitemarsh@aol.com
Andy WrightGeneral ArtworkAwright103@gmail.com
Edgar ChattinTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingscla@longrifle.com
Richard (Sailor) GeyerRich'd Geyer FlintlocksLongrifles, pistols and fowlersflintlock1750@gmail.com
Burton WrightGeneral Artworkbgfarmer0@gmail.com
Jim and Angela BurnleyHunting bags and powder hornscla@longrifle.com
James RogersLongrifles, pistols and fowlersfowlingpiece@gmail.com
Keith Lislewww.CustomMuzzleloaders.comGeneral ArtworkBirddogsix@yahoo.com
John SwitzerLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
Sam GorhamLongrifles, pistols and fowlersg9o8r7h6@yahoo.com
Brandon RodriguezGeneral Artworkbnrodriguez12@yahoo.com
Ted HollandLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
gordon liechtiGeneral Artworkgdliechti@gmail.com
brenda bedoskyEtc.General Artworkbrennymay@aol.com
Paul BoeretHunting bags and powder hornscla@longrifle.com
G.L. JonesFine custom RiflesGeneral Artworkgljrifles@aol.com
Kenton K SmithGeneral Artworkbudsmith223@gmail.com
Curt Lyleswww.cdlyles.comLongrifles, pistols and fowlersclram@bnin.net
John GiblinGreybear LeatherHunting bags and powder hornsgreybear2@comcast.net
Tim GreeneBay Colony EducatorsGeneral Artworkcarolat214@aol.com
Francis J. SlykerGeneral Artworkcpq1dkno@verizon.net
David HammondGeneral Artworkhamm63@comcast.net
Charles HayesGeneral Artworkcharleshayes@windstream.net
Charles WallingfordCW KnivesTomahawks, axes, knives and forgingscwknives@aol.com
heinz AhlersLongrifles, pistols and fowlersheinzahlers@zoomtown.com
Charles werkheiserGeneral Artworkckw@rochester.rr.com
Dave ReisingGeneral Artworkdave@jlfarm.com
Joe KierstNAGeneral Artworkhondokiersts@gmail.com
Curtis L. SmithLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
Gary HertzogLongrifles, pistols and fowlersdeadbird@zirkel.us
E. MullinsGeneral Artworkimatrekker@yahoo.com
Chuck DixonLongrifles, pistols and fowlerscla@longrifle.com
Daniel KosGeneral Artworkdjkos1@embarqmail.com
Randy HeilRandys Muzzleloading Parts & SuppliesGeneral Artworkjackgarner890@comcast.net
 Artisan Name Company Artisan Category Email:
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